Premarital Counseling Tucson

Premarital Counseling

We all think of taking preventative measures regarding our physical health. But what about our relationship health? 

Yes, nothing is more significant than committing your life to a partner. So why not apply the same preventative care when it comes to marriage? 

Premarital counseling will allow you and your partner to converse and build the skills to create a solid marriage foundation.

But that is not all. It has a lot of other benefits, as you can address issues early on before it becomes a problem after marriage.

Couples Counseling Tucson AZ

“We were planning our wedding day and things became rought between us. Our parents advised that we go for premarital counseling and in honesty we were not dissapointed we did. Yes, a wedding can take a huge toll on all but we still had a lot of things we did not think of. For now our marriage is on hold until a later stage as we work together to build on our relationship now."

- Bella and Tedy (Tucson)

Premarital Counseling in Tucson Benefits

When you visit one of our premarital counselors, it can help you improve your communication skills and equip you with conflict management skills. At the same time, it allows partners to address underlying issues and will enable you to learn new things about each other and yourself. Some leading topics discussed are:

  • Spirituality
  • Sex and affection
  • Finances
  • Family origins
  • Personality traits
  • Friends and family members
  • Partner habits
  • Children and Parenting
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Leisure and quality time
Premarital Counseling In Tucson

Create a Deeper Meaning in Your Relationship With Premarital Counseling

When you explore your marital expectations, you can create a deeper meaning in your relationship to plan for the future. During your premarital sessions, you may need to complete separate questionnaires to determine how you feel about each other.

The inventory helps identify strengths, areas of growth, or potential problems in your relationship. In addition, the results are used as a guide to help you overcome the challenges and goals you face.

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With all the benefits offered, why avoid premarital counseling in Tucson if you can only benefit?

Yes, we know you need to talk about your feelings openly, from problems to what you expect from one another. But if you think about it when you are married, communication is essential as you will need to discuss many good to bad things on your way.

So, the earlier you address the problems in your relationship in a structured and safe environment, it allows you to work through those feelings before they become huge issues later on.

Premarital counseling with Marriage Counseling of Tucson can help lay the groundwork to build a solid and healthy marriage. So, take the time to complete our online form to discuss your premarital counseling with us.

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