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Grief Counseling

You can experience grief for different reasons, from major life transitions, a breakup, or losing a loved one. 

While emotions are natural, not every person goes through grief the same. Still, there are typical stages that everyone passes through.

Yet, the duration and order vary, so grief counseling in Tucson can be beneficial if you find yourself in this situation.

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At Marriage Counseling of Tucson, our counselors can provide personalized support and guidance in this challenging time.

Thus, if you wonder if grief counseling can help, let's look at the potential benefits for you and your family.

“Death is not easy especially when you lose your lifelong partner to a sickness. I experienced this and my whole world felt if it crumbled apart. I became depressed and angry that my husband was taken away. My daughter spoke to me and said that I should consider grief counseling. In honesty it is the best thing I ever did."

- Matilda Knox (West Tucson)

Understanding Grief 

When it comes to grief, you need to understand the five stages that go with it. A well-known model is the Kubler-Ross model, widely accepted by all regarding the grieving process. By becoming aware of these phases, understanding the emotions you feel is a good starting point.

  • First, you have denial as you receive upsetting news, which numbs you. You feel overwhelmed responding emotionally as you are in shock.
  • Then comes anger as you try to induce your grief, bringing up emotions from frustration, and guilt, to heartbreak. The first emotion usually is anger fading away, making way for other emotions to take their place.
Grief Counseling Tucson AZ
  • Then you start bargaining as you start to see your situation more transparent. You have all these questions in your mind from what if or if only.
  • Next, for many people comes depression, leaving them with feelings of sadness the whole time. Then, you may start isolating yourself with frequent crying or hopelessness. Finally, some people begin with substance abuse and need help.
  • Last, you learn to accept, and it is the final stage. It does not mean you no longer experience sadness, but you have found healthier ways to cope with and deal with your loss.

Grief Counseling in Tucson Benefits

If you are experiencing depression or using a substance to relieve pain, grief counseling with Marriage Counseling of Tucson can benefit you. However, even if you are not using anything or going through depression, it remains helpful for many reasons:

  • You can express your feelings in a safe space, as our counselors are non-judgmental.
  • Furthermore, our therapists will equip you with coping skills to work through your emotions and challenging times.
  • You also get permission to focus on yourself and not others, especially if you are a caretaker that needs to help others process bereavement. Or perhaps you have been busy with all the logistics and have not had the time to release your emotions.
  • Lastly, you are in a space where you can heal at your own pace without feeling rushed or held back by others.
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There are Options to Seek Help For Grief

Each person goes through grief differently, and the grieving process is unique. With the help of a grief counselor, you can get personalized support to help you through your unique grieving emotions. Contact Marriage Counseling of Tucson today. We are here to help you with individual grief therapy, or let us assist you and the family through this difficult time.

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