Infidelity Counseling Tucson

Infidelity Counseling

A question we are asked a lot is if infidelity counseling in Tucson can restore a marriage.

But to answer the question, it depends if both parties are willing to work together to rebuild the relationship.

Infidelity Counseling In Tucson

“We are not playing a blame game anymore after we both went as a couple for infidelity counseling. I was to blame that our marriage started to fail when I stepped over the line and hurt my wife while doing it. We have sorted out our differences and lucky for us we have given our marriage another try."

- Olga Meyer (Tucson)

Therapists Are Relationship Advocates 

One way to look at us here at Marriage Counseling of Tucson for infidelity therapy is that we are qualified advocates to help you work through the process of an affair.

We equip you with the right tools to tips to decide whether you want to give your marriage another try or move on with your life.

While addiction can ruin a relationship, an affair has enormous effects on a cheated partner and can destroy the marriage.

Still, infidelity can impact both partners equally, and the same applies if you have kids. You find spillovers taking place from:

  • Post Trauma Stress Disorders
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • The lack of self-esteem
  • Poor concentration and a loss of confidence
  • Over or under eating
  • Self-sabotage
  • A paranoia as there is a constant fear of insecurity
  • Withholding sex to punish the partner
After Going To Marriage Counseling Tucson

Infidelity Counseling in Tucson Can Benefit You

Infidelity counseling after an affair can help mend your marriage by allowing both partners to recover from their wounds and prevent the marriage from ending. But if you have thought about it and are still unsure, check out these benefits to decide whether to make an appointment with us.

  1. Infidelity counseling focuses on the root of the affair, as there might be other problems in the relationship. Then, you work with the therapist to dig deeper into your relationship that could have caused the affair.
  2. With the counselor, you both have a safe place to talk about what happened. The therapist will do individual to couple sessions as they know how fragile your relationship is, and everything you share is confidential.
  3. At the same time, both of you can process the emotions as counselors do not want you to stew on those feelings. You both will learn practical strategies to process your emotions.
  4. Lastly, infidelity counseling in Tucson can help determine what is next in your marriage. If you decide to remain together, that would be awesome. However, the counselor will provide practical steps to take your relationship beyond the affair.
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Infidelity Counseling Can Help Prevent Cheating in The Future

Going for infidelity counseling in Tucson is not only about working through the affair. It helps both partners find answers, and the betrayer needs to be remorseful, own up to their actions, and be willing to work on the broken relationship.

At the same time, it helps both come up with ways to prevent infidelity from happening again. This is one of the biggest reasons, as you know, there is someone to help keep your marriage on track.

So, if you have been cheated on or cheated on by your partner, please make infidelity counseling in Tucson a priority on your list. Whether you want to dissolve or resolve your marriage, Marriage Counseling of Tucson can help.

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